Introduction of Local Supply Chain on Yeovil Police Station

5th January 2021

Yeovil Police Station has been selected as Morgan Sindall’s first SCF project to utilise the Local Supply Chain (LSC) procurement portal. The LSC has been designed and developed specifically for the construction industry’s supply chain management and procurement processes; while providing a direct link between clients, frameworks, main contractors, and subcontractors. The software helps engage local businesses quickly, easily, and efficiently for construction projects. 

Being in the preconstruction stage and just starting to commence the supply chain procurement process, Yeovil Police Station was the ideal project to utilise this system. As the process was new, the team received initial training to gain buy in, before it was deployed on the project. This process was undertaken in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Initially embedding and registering our approved supply chain within the LSC
  • Stage 2: Training provided to our preconstruction team, where LSC gave an overview of the system and processes for issuing Expressions of Interest (EOI)/ Package Returns and their subsequent receipt by the supply chain. The training was undertaken in a collaborative manner, enabling the team to question and challenge all aspects of the process.

Understanding that a new process was being adopted for enquiry management, we issued the EOI’s for Yeovil Police Station well in advance of the trade package enquiries. This helped establish supply chain appetite and give us time to educate and support the supply chain where necessary.

The EOI process was undertaken for 29 trades and completed within one morning. During the initial process, LSC supported us through virtual screens, with additional support provided via phone for any subsequent queries.

Out of the 29 EOI’s issued we have received positive responses for every trade, and in excess of 60% of the supply chain have responded to express their interest. We are now working with those in our supply chain who have not responded, to coach and support them, prior to issuing formal tender enquiries

  • Speed of Issuing EOI’s

  • Ease of supply chain responding

  • Simple transition from EOI’s to trade package enquiries

  • Project and trade summary reports are available and can be shared with the project team

As well as being gratefully received by us and the supply chain, LSC have provided positive feedback and we look forward to continuing the process.

Since using LSC on this project, we have seen several benefits to date: