SCF Achieves full sign up for the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)’s Construction Protocol

22nd October 2020

All suppliers across all lots of the Southern Construction Framework’s SCF Construct framework have adopted the GLAA’s Construction Protocol.  

The protocol is a joint agreement aimed at eradicating slavery and labour exploitation in the building industry. It aligns with SCF’s commitment to supporting fair practices and high ethical standards in the construction industry, engaging with the construction supply chain at all levels to promote fair opportunities for all and ensure those most vulnerable in our societies are treated legally and with dignity and respect.

The document commits signatories to: 

  • Work in partnership to protect vulnerable workers
  • Agree to share information, where possible, to help stop or prevent the exploitation of workers
  • Work together to manage information sensitively and confidentially
  • Commit to raising awareness within the supply chain
  • Maintain momentum through this protocol by communicating regularly

The GLAA facilitates this by:

  • Holding quarterly meetings to share best practice 
  • Regularly updating the industry about the latest trends and methods used by modern slavery perpetrators
  • Providing access to expert knowledge of modern slavery/human trafficking (MS/HT) 
  • Shaping change in the industry in relation to tackling MS/HT 
  • Linking into the Home Office Modern Slavery Unit and national and international partners via the GLAA  
  • Sharing best practice across the group to improve working practices around tackling MS/HT
  • Supports existing work in partner organisations around the MS/HT agenda

All parties have voluntarily and pro-actively agreed to raise awareness to help to prevent and protect workers from exploitation or abuse and take necessary steps to ensure that exploitation and abuse of workers is recognised and addressed with appropriate safeguards put in place to ensure that exploitative practice is not repeated.

Construction Induction Pack is available for all to use (not just signatories of the document) and is a free resource to support business within the construction industry in raising awareness of labour exploitation with workers at site level.  

The pack includes a four-slide PowerPoint (with embedded translations on the last slide for non-English speaking workers), three posters and a toolbox talk. This pack was developed in collaboration with leading main contractors in the industry, and the CIOB, and approved by the wider construction protocol network, so is truly industry-led.

The resources can be found here: or speak to a Framework Manager at to find out more.