SCF Virtual Meet the Buyer Event 2021

Monday 27th September 2021

On Wednesday 22nd September we hosted our first virtual Meet the Buyer Event. With over 40 booth holders, who were contractors to our Tier 1 contractors, the day provided an exclusive networking opportunity.  This unique approach, sponsored by our Tier 1’s provided for extensive networking for SME’s, micro businesses, Voluntary Community and Social Enterprises, manufacturers, agencies and plant hire companies to speak to tier 2 contractors  and forge meaningful relationships, that quite possibly may not have been possible for over the last year and a half.

Not only did the event provide a chance for people to meet in a safer and more cost effective way, but the use of an online platform meant this was the lowest carbon producing Meet the Buyer event SCF has hosted or attended! In addition, with 76% of attendees never having attended a virtual event before this provided a unique perspective.

The day was also supported from other organisations within the construction sector through regular showing of webinars providing free resource and information to the regional businesses’ throughout the day.  The Webinars ranged from topics such as working for main contractors, shared apprenticeship providers, a mental health charity and SCF framework information, encouraging thought provoking conversations and supporting resources.

Thank you to all who joined us on the day, both booth holders and attendees – the feedback we have received so far has been extremely positive with attendees rating their experience at the event 4.3/5 and giving a score of 4.4/5 for ease in navigating and networking on an online platform. Additional thanks have to go to our main contractors for their support in helping the event run, and to all the organisations that provided resources for the day.

Today has been fantastic, we’ve had a lot of worthwhile conversations, and we have a lot of contacts to follow up with.

[We] have found the event quite useful thanks. Made a couple of new contacts that will hopefully come good for us. These events are usually a whole day out of the office for us so  doing it online is a nice little change.

Very worthwhile event, picking up some new contacts that we will be contacting when looking at future works.

Its been a pleasure to support you on the event. We have made a few new contacts which hopefully strengthen our supply chain.

A really good day – have had many a meaningful conversation and only just commented on how well organised everything was.

Thank  you for a great opportunity to connect with other companies.

We now look to see how we can develop events such as this for the future, allowing for interaction across the country and industry with ease.

Please note: All resources from the MtB event are still available for 30 days after the event for all who have registered (